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Here's what my clients are saying...

"Working with Rachell on our closing was fantastic.  We originally planned to use a lawyer covered by my company's Hyatt Legal benefit, however after contacting a few of them we were not getting a good feeling.  Given that our closing was on a very tight timeline, and also given Rachell's very reasonable fees, we went with Rachell on a recommendation.  She was very supportive throughout and made sure we had what we needed throughout the process.  She was also fantastic at closing, pushing the sellers lawyer to work out some minor issues with the deed that will make things much clearer for us in the future.  I'd happily do business with her again - top notch service, and the great feeling that you have someone capable 'on your team'." - October 2012
"We hired Rachell Horbenko almost a year ago and became immediately impressed at her professionalism and experience in dealing with the different aspects of our real estate transactions. She not only handles our 'regular' ones but also our short sales and is always one step ahead of me ready to answer my latest question. Because of the length of time a short sale requires and the amount of documents, it is important to have someone as tenacious and knowledgeable working to get the deal done. Rachell is extremely accessible and always available to answer a question via email, phone or texting. My husband trusts her inherently and does not even attend our closings, giving her power of attorney to complete most of our real estate transactions. If you are planning to use Rachell for your real estate needs, you will not be disappointed." March 2011

“We truly enjoyed working with Rachell. She far exceeded our expectations by always being available for questions whether it is by phone or email. When we email questions, we trust that Rachell will always respond in a timely manner. The closing process tends to be stressful as sellers and buyers negotiate the final terms. Rachell not only made this process easier for us, she made the closing meeting unexpectedly fun. Her calm, thoughtful, and warm approach to issues was exactly what we needed.” December 21, 2010

"My wife and I were very pleased with the job that Rachell Horbenko performed as our real estate attorney. We recently moved from the West Coast and were unaware of the role of a real estate attorney versus that of the Realtor. Rachell did a great job answering all of our questions and being proactive through the process. We had several extenuating circumstances that she handled deftly. She helped us easily set up a power of attorney and discussed our legal options with our Realtor and us to come to a resolution as we felt that the Seller initially was not completing the changes to which they had agreed. Rachell was very responsive and did not limit herself to business hours. These were both important given the time change and distance between us and Chicago.

She often responded within a few minutes from her Blackberry to help keep the process moving on our end. She is well setup with e-mail and fax technology, another plus for working together long distance. We would gladly use Rachell's services again for future real estate transactions in the area."

"Rachell was recommended by our real estate agent to our real estate lawyer for the escrow and closing on the sale for our condo in 2007. Rachell did an excellent job and we were so happy with her services that we also hired her to write up our wills and trusts. Lastly, because of the positive results we had working with Rachell, we recommended her as a candidate for the lawyer for our condominium association and the board agreed and hired her as legal representation for the association in 2008."

"Rachell has been a great attorney whether we were closing on our condo or writing our estate plan. You'll never has to chase her around with multiple phone calls or e-mail exchanges - once you talk about it, she's on it and you won't have to follow up to get results. She will come in, get the job done, and be down-to-earth while she's doing it."

"Just a final note to let you know how much I appreciated your professionalism and thoroughness at last Friday's closing. The paperwork was in order and clearly explained to me. Everything went off without a snag."

"I just wanted to drop you a note of appreciation for all of your hard work and dedication and 'kicking and screaming'. I was a nervous Nelly going into all of this, but you have made the whole process a painless one."'

"We love you. Seriously, I never would have imagined that we could have been so lucky to have such a good person for our attorney."

"Thank you for your unmeasurable help...."

"Rachell, if there was ever an anti-thesis of the evil lawyer stereotype, you would be it!! You should name yourself 'Law Goddess' or something!... -No but seriously, through both mortgage closings and both attempts at a parking spot purchase you were consistently available, professional, courteous and organized! As I stated before, its truly a breath of fresh air to finally work with someone that is not only great at what they do, but also does it with such a heart-felt dedication that it almost appears effortless (when clearly closings are anything but!!!) -Thanks again Rachell.  I look forward to hiring you once again as my advocate!"

"Rachell - 3 down, 1 to go! Thank you for making it painless."

"Thank you so much for your help with this 'less than easy' purchase..."

"I really appreciate your help with keeping the deal glued together. Also you made time fly while waiting for funding..."

"Thank you for all of your help and hard work! We definitely wouldn't have been able to get the results you did if we were on our own. You made the transition to our new home very easy. Thanks again for everything!"

"Thanks again for your unmeasureable help!"

"Thanks for all your professionalism!"

"Selling a condo for the first time, I hired Rachell Horbenko for finalizing the sale and the closing.  She was highly recommended by my realtor.  I immediately explained how little I knew about the process.  There were a variety of issues that surfaced - buyer's financing issues, very significant inspection incident, minor condo association issues...  I was traveling during most of these adding even more complexity.  She provided great legal advice and got them all resolved quickly.  She had a great attitude throughout.  She never expressed any frustration with me or the process.  She was respectful of all the parties involved.  During this process she had a baby.  Even through that experience, she never missed a beat.  If you want a dedicated and supportive attorney, I highly recommend Rachell."