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301 Greenview Drive, Crystal Lake, IL 60014

773.818.9054 office/cell
866.381.4238 efax

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Monday, March 30, 2015

Selling Your Home? How Does it Smell?

Have you ever been in someone's home and smelled something bad? Or walked into your own home and smelling something terrible? When you're selling your home, one of the first impressions buyers will get is the smell. If you cook with a lot of grease or strong spices, have pets, or even don't take out the trash on a regular basis, your house may smell. And like the Febreze commercials say, you may be noseblind to it.

Before you list your house, there are things you can do to minimize this. Odor is caused by bacteria that attaches to the ceilings, walls, draperies, carpets and furniture. You may need to repaint and do a deep clean on your home before you list it. You can have a professional do it, or there is a do-it-yourself nontoxic fogger like the Dynofresh that can do it for you. Cleaning may only temporarily take care of the issue, especially if the offender is cooking or pets. The other things you can do are: take out the trash regularly, clean out your fridge, avoid cooking strong smelling foods, do your laundry on a regular basis, use the fan over the stove when cooking and bathe your pets regularly.

You can also use subtle, simple scents. Light a candle, lay fabric softener sheets between linens stacked on shelves, add plug ins by the bathroom door, or put lemon peels in the garbage disposal.

These little things may save you thousands when negotiating a price. 

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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

At Home Illinois Announces New Program for Refinance, Repeat and First-Time Buyers

The Illinois Housing Development Authority (IHDA) is offering @HomeIllinois, a new loan product for first-time Illinois homebuyers, homeowners looking to refinancing and, for the first time in IHDA history, repeat buyers looking to move up. The @HomeIllinois program features a 30-year fixed rate mortgage and up to $5000 in closing cost or downpayment assistance.

Visit www.athomeillinois.gov for details! 

7:15 pm cdt 

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Chicago Ranks 14th Nationwide Among Real Estate Investors

Taken from Chicago Daily News (Crain's) online:

Real estate investors like Chicago, but it doesn't set their hearts aflutter like Seattle, Boston and Houston. Real estate executives ranked Chicago 14th among 75 U.S. markets for investment attractiveness in 2015, according to the “Emerging Trends in Real Estate” report, an annual publication by the Urban Land Institute and PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP.

 The area trailed coastal favorites, such as San Francisco, Boston and Seattle, as well as Austin, Dallas/Fort Worth and Houston, which was selected the best market for real estate investment in 2015. Chicago has long trailed such markets in the “Emerging Trends” report.

For four out of five major property types, meanwhile, investors are less bullish on buying here in 2015 than they were for 2014, the report shows.

In the report, executives rated U.S. 75 markets on a five-point scale based their investment potential next year. One means “abysmal,” while 3 indicates “fair” and 5 signifies “excellent.”

 Chicago scored 3.46, beating out Manhattan, long considered one of the choice locations for real estate deals.

Houston earned a 4.01 score. The Texas city brings “energy and technology. They bring international trade, the port and a huge educational system,” and a business-friendly environment, said Stephen Blank, senior resident fellow at the Washington, D.C.-based Urban Land Institute who helped put the report together. “Chicago's got some of those things, but not every one. That's why there's the distance.” The Chicago area remains prized for its size and population density and for a local economy that ranges from tech startups to Fortune 500 behemoths.

It's a truism that's played out this year in a robust fashion, with commercial-property sales on track to hit their highest annual level since the 2007 peak, according to New York-based Real Capital Analytics Inc.

Chicago has one of the “most diverse economic bases in the country,” the report says, and the region remains “one of the major core real estate markets in the United States and as such is very appealing to both domestic and global real estate investors.”

The latest "Emerging Trends" study is based on about 1,055 surveys and 391 interviews with executives at real estate trusts, investment firms, development companies, brokerages and others working in commercial real estate.

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